Google Rank Tracker

What is it ?

  • Add all your websites to the manager
  • Select all the search queries you need to track for your site position
  • Add you competitor websites, to watch their progression at the same time
  • Track from any city in the world to get local results
  • Use the google engine of the country you target
  • Free beta access for 2 websites and 2 keywords

    Rank tracking

    Track your website position in google.




    Add any kind of keywords, related to your website.


    Track your competitor's ranking and find where you need to overcome them.




    Select the google website you need.

    Perform search queries only on the google portals you select.



    Querying by geolocation

    You can select the city, region and country for your rank tracking.

    Compare your position from multiple location on the world.

    • Account type
    • Free
    • Paid
    • Number of websites
    • 2
    • Unlimited
    • Number of keywords
    • 2
    • Unlimited
    • Costs
    • 0€
    • 5€/Months

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